Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I learned yesterday

Attended a two day course on entrepreneurship and discovered the following:

I learned that entrepreneurship is a science and and art. Science because there is a systematic way of doing things; and art because there is creativity, innovativeness and imagination to bring life to the whole endeavor.

For a newcomer like me in the field of business, it is a relief that one can learn the basics , get some preparation and prepare to venture into something that is unfamiliar. Naturally , i feel very uncomfortable. Imagine, i dont really consider myself as someone who is "business minded". It is because of this precisely, that i want to enter a field in very slow and deliberate steps.

Two days is enough to be oriented with the basics - from the person, to the project, to operations and financing. A business plan is an important tool and this we learned to make.

Secretly, I made a draft business plan and know i will implement when the right time comes around.

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  1. i agree. i'm learning the ropes of entrepreneurship right now and it's a bitter sweet experience.